Full Legs Sugaring


The only hair removal treatment you will EVER need

Full legs sugaring consists of removal of all hair off both of your upper and lower legs. Sugaring is a new hair removal method that provides especially in comparison to traditional waxing a more gentle experience. We don’t add chemicals to it. We don’t heat it. We use 3 simple ingredients; sugar, lemon and water. The overall experience is a lot safer, less painful and overall better. Read our article on sugaring vs waxing.

The 3 Simple Ingredients

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Full Leg Sugaring Price

Starting from £50

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Less Pain
Less Irritations
Lasts 4-6 Weeks
100% Natural

Your hair needs to be at least 5mm long - the size of a grain of rice. The longer the hair the better. If you are already a regular sugaring client, your hair can be shorter. Avoid putting any moisturizers on the skin 24 hours before the treatment. Make sure your appointment is not scheduled during your menstrual cycle since that is when your skin is most sensitive. If possible exfoliate up to 24 hours before your treatment. Regular exfoliation leads to beautiful skin.

- The Evellere Team

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