Brazilian Sugaring


Brazilian sugaring is a hair removal method similar to traditional Brazilian waxing but the sugaring paste is applied in the opposite direction of hair growth and pulled in the natural direction of the hair growth. It removes all the unwanted hairs from the back and front, leaving some behind for you to feel good.  Customers have found that it is a more gentle and easier experience. The benefits are that the risk of ingrown hairs is minimised. This is due to the fact that the hair doesn’t break when pulled in the natural direction. The effects are long lasting, from 4-6 weeks hair-free. The sugaring paste enters very close the the root canal and pulls the hair together with the roots. Therefore, you do not have to do it once every 3-4 days like with shaving hair removal.  

Additionally, the sugaring paste is at room temperature, which makes it very gentle on the skin. The risks of skin burn is zero. Our mission is to provide the most effective, efficient and super comfortable experience.

Our sugaring experts are professionally trained and certified. They go through a theoretical course and afterwards they practice on real human beings to provide Evellere’s customers the best results. We found that this approach increases the overall experience and reduces the amount of stresses that people go through. You can also direct you sugaring technician on how you like to be taken care of. You can add suggestions and make it your own bespoke sugaring experience.

To mention, our sugaring paste is proprietary and not to be found anywhere else in the UK. It is organic, sustainable, non-toxic and natural. We use 3 simple ingredients; sugar, lemon and water. This combination is safe on the skin and not to mention exfoliating. It will never cause an allergy reaction as it is free of allergens. It is also water soluble and can be washed easily off the skin. For a full comparison, read our sugaring vs waxing blog post.

Lastly, the after care is quick and easy. We recommend you to apply moisturising cream. The cream prevents foreign particles and bacteria from entering. This will help to minimise the chances of irritations. Additionally to nice skin it will make your skin soft and glow. 

Read the full article on how sugaring made Brazilian waxing a better treatment.

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The 3 Simple Ingredients

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Brazilian Sugaring Price

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Less Pain
Less Irritations
Lasts 4-6 Weeks
100% Natural

Before your Brazilian sugaring please make sure that you are fit for sugaring. Your hair must be at least the size of a grain of rise long. It can be shorter for regular sugaring clients. Please avoid putting creams on your to-be sugared area. Make sure your sugaring appointment is not during times when your skin is sensitive. Thank you!

- The Evellere Team

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