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Brazilian Sugar Wax

Get your Brazilian done at our Bromley salon.

Sugaring vs Waxing

Brazilian sugar wax

Brazilian sugar wax is like a Brazilian wax but instead of using traditional hot wax, Brazilian sugar wax involves natural sugar paste. The second biggest difference is in technique, with sugaring, sugar wax is applied against natural direction but is removed in the natural direction. Our Brazilian sugar wax thus gives you a less painful experience, lowers the risk of ingrown hairs and leaves your skin exfoliated and healthy.

Brazilian sugar wax lasts around 4-6 weeks. If you keep regular appointments, it will be less painful and hair will grow slower and thinner.

Sugar wax is less painful than traditional waxing. If you keep regular sugar appointments, it will become less painful and your hair will become thinner and grow slower over time.

Brazilian sugar wax causes fewer ingrown hairs, the hair is removed in natural direction, therefore hairs are not bent. Our proprietary paste is made out of nratural in

Evellere’s beauticians are fully certified and industry trained. Our sugar wax is organic, sustainable, non-toxic and natural.  


A Brazilian sugar wax at our Bromley salon costs £38. It is currently available to ladies only.

New to Brazilian sugar wax?


Moisturise and avoid exfoliating.


Wash the soon to be sugared area. Avoid moisturising.


Take a cool shower to reduce irritation, avoid irritants, moisturise daily.

Salon located on the High Street.

evellere bromley shop outside

Salon located on the High Street.

1 min walk from the Bromley Shopping Centre

We are located inside ‘Extension Angels’ shop downstairs on the Bromley, High Street. Once here, ask to be directed to Veronica. If you could please book an appointment prior seeing us as our sugaring specialist may not be inside the shop.

If you have any questions prior booking please do not hesitate to contact us on 0777 099 8428.

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