Bikini Sugar Wax

Wear your knickers with confidence and comfort

A Bikini sugaring hair removal eliminates pubic hair that can be visible when wearing your underwear. Usually, the area sugared is everything from the outside of underwear and an inch (or 2.5cm) inside. You can tell your sugarist your preferences and it will be done. 

Sugaring is a new hair removal method that provides a more gentle experience especially in comparison to traditional waxing. The hairs are plucked in the direction that your hairs grows in. This technique has been found to be less painful. Additionally, your hairs do not break and therefore does not lead to in-grown hairs. For even more pain-free sugaring ask our sugarist to put their hand on top of the sugared surface as this rewires your brain to concentrate on the touch rather than the pain.

Evellere’s sugaring paste is always applied at room temperature. We do not heat it. We use 3 simple ingredients; sugar, lemon and water. It is 100% natural, in fact you can even eat it. It does not contain toxins or allergens. Any residues can be easily washed off using water. After each appointment our sugaring paste will leave your skin exfoliated, smelling fresh and most importantly soft.

Sugaring is suitable for people with sensitive skin. In fact sugaring is the only hair removal recommended for people with sensitive skin. The safe qualities however do not mean that it is suitable for everyone. When booking please make sure that you are not booking during your menstrual cycle as this is when your skin is most sensitive. Also, you have not had recent tattoos or are taken medication that makes your skin sensitive.

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The 3 Simple Ingredients

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bIKINI Sugaring Price

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Less Pain
Less Irritations
Lasts 4-6 Weeks
100% Natural

In order for us to sugar you please make sure that your hair is at least the size of a grain of rice long and that your appoitment is not during times when your skin is sensitive. We provide all amenities before your appoitment. Thank you.

- The Evellere Team

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