Evellere’s sugaring treatments are one of the best hair removals in London. Hair after shaving can be felt from as little as 2 days, and often it is not the desired feel women want. On the other side laser treatments are permanent. A very large number of women regret laser treatments for multiple reasons. Sugaring hair removal from Evellere is the perfect option for those in the middle. Our unique sugar paste captures the follicles which ensures a consistent hair removal from your hair roots. This will give you results that can last up to 4-6. Sugaring results are longer and most beautiful fast hair removal treatment.

New to Sugaring?
Evellere Sugaring will give you some tips for your first appointment. First of all your hair needs to be at least 5mm long which is the equivalent of the size of a grain of rice. Very short hair is hard to be glued to the sugaring paste. On the other hand if the hair is longer it will have a very good grip and our sugaring expert will be more efficient and cause you very little discomfort.

If possible but not required to exfoliate your skin and remove dead skin cells in order to help the sugaring paste stick to your hair.

Your skin is sensitive and Sugaring is not suitable for individuals that:

  • are on the First Trimester of Pregnancy
  • have sunburn, skin rash
  • are on Accutane (acne treatment medicine)
  • have Active Psoriasis or Eczema
  • recent tattoos
  • or any other conditions that are thinning your hair or softens your skin


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Top tip — keep your skin and hairs moisturised at all times as that softens your hair follicles and give you a painless sugaring treatment

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Please arrive for your appointment 5 minutes early

Before your treatment make sure your skin is not oily and clean.


It is recommended to keep your skin moisturised to make your skin healthy, soft and glowing. It will also help with your next treatment. This will make the procedures more pain free with each visit. 

We also recommend you to re-book your services ahead so you will have an available slot. Ask for a discount if you are booking ahead!