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Sugaring or Waxing: Which Should You Choose?

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What is Sugaring and Waxing?

Sugaring is a hair removal method in which sugar mixture is applied to skin in the opposite direction. Then the mixture is pulled together with the hairs in the natural direction of your hair.

As opposed to waxing where your hair is applied in the natural direction but pulled in the opposite direction of its growth.

Because of the direction of the pull the results greatly differ.

Sugaring Mixture or Waxing Mixture

In sugaring mixture (or paste as some call it) is added sugar which is essentially fructose and glucose, lemon (yes, actual lemon juice!) and water.

The sugaring mixture is applied at room temperature. We prepare it before our appointments and let it cool down. Whereas wax is applied warm. Generally heated and applied using a wooden applicator. 

Wax mixture can contain many ingredients, rosin is the most popular ingredient. Rosin is extracted from pine tree resins. Some people can be allergic to natural pine tree rosins. The combination of ethylene and vinyl acetate which gives it elasticity. According New Jersey State Report it can cause headache, dizziness, fatigue, lightheadedness, confusion and unconsciousness.

Winner: Sugaring

Sugaring Process or Waxing Process

Sugaring paste is applied at room temperature or warm in the opposite of natural direction of the skin and removed in the natural direction.

Wax is applied hot or very warm in the natural direction of the hair but removed in the opposite. Due to the direction of removal, it can break hair and not remove them from the root. Additionally, it can be harsh on skin and some wax mixtures may stick to both skin and hair. Due to this wax paste can only be applied once or twice to the same area.

Due to this sugaring is known to be less irritating than traditional waxing. 

Winner: Sugaring

Sugaring or Waxing: Less Painful

We understand that both sugaring and waxing can be found painful. Clients suggest that sugaring is less painful due to the direction of removal. There are however some additional techniques that Evellere sugaring trained experts do in order to make it less painful. 

  • We pull lighting fast so you only have to feel it once.
  • After each pull Evellere experts put their hand on top of the surface – this rewires your brain to concentrate on the touch rather than the pain.
  • We communicate with you and ask of your preferences. Sometimes we can sing together to take our minds off it. 🙂
Our bodies can build tolerance, with more visits it gets less and less painful.

Sugaring or Waxing: Side Effects

Both sugaring and waxing can cause slight redness and bumps. This is a normal body reaction. It will subside within 2-3 days.

With waxing, there is an additional potential risk of ingrown hairs because of the hair breakage.

Sugaring or Waxing: Not Suitable For

Sugaring and Waxing procedures are not done for the following groups.

  • You are on your period – this is due to the skin being more sensitive
  • You are in your last trimester of pregnancy
  • You have recent tattoos
  • You take medication that makes your skin sensitive for example: Accutane, Retin-A, hormone replacements, hormonal birth control. Consult with your doctor prior appointment.

Note: General Practitioners and Doctors generally recommend sugaring because it sticks to the hair and not the skin.

Sugaring or Waxing: Sustainability

Waxing salons use wax heaters which are made out of plastic contribute to general plastic pollution which has become one of the most pressing environmental issues. These heaters consume a lot of electricity (especially in the long run) in order to keep the wax hot at 70 to 100 degrees Celsius. Wax has to be warmed up each time for new customers. Additionally, it uses disposable applicators which contribute further to climate change.

Sugaring on the other hand is sustainable. It does not use disposable applicators nor uses heaters.

Winner: Sugaring

Side to Side Comparison

Less painful WINNER LOSES
At Room Temperature WINNER LOSES
Sustainable WINNER LOSES

Winner: Sugaring

So Which One Should You Choose?

Both are great hair removal methods. Traditional waxing tends to be a little bit less favourable, especially in the cases where you have access to sugaring experts such as Evellere

Winner: Sugaring

– The End of Article –

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