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Sugaring or Hair Removal Cream: Which Should You Choose?

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What is Sugaring and Hair Removal Cream?

Hair removal creams work by breaking down the keratin protein in your hair. It damages it until it is so soft and weak that the hairs can be wiped away.

On the other hand sugaring is a new type of hair removal technique that pulls your hairs using a sugaring paste which is essential a mixture of sugar, lemon and water. The key difference is that the hairs are pulled in the natural direction. This is surprisingly found not be as painful when compared to traditional waxing.


What is the difference?

Both sugaring and depilatory cream are quick. The amount it takes to get rid of the hairs is more or less the same. They both work well with soft and thin hairs. They both offer stubble free skin however with depilatory cream the hair can regrowth in as little as two days.


Which one is more painful?

Depilatory cream are known to be pain free. This is possibly the most important benefit of hair removal creams.

However, sugaring is on last place on the pain ladder. If you are able to tolerate little pain this is for you. As Emily Rekstis from SELF had found that sugaring is a mild stinging sensation and the best part is the more you do it the less pain you feel because unlike with depilatory cream the roots of the hairs are removed. The follicles are not fed nutrients and over time the experience becomes more gentle.

Winner: Depilatory Cream


Which one lasts longer?

Depilatory creams tend to remove only the outer part of the hairs, thus the results only last around 2-3 days. Sugaring however lasts around 4-6 weeks. The experience with sugaring is also more satisfactory as there is less irritation and you do not have to deal with stubble after 2-3 days.

Winner: Sugaring


Which one is safer?

Depilatory cream contains strong chemicals that can potentially injure the skin. The cream damages proteins (certain types), our skin is made up of proteins. This damage weakens our surface and it triggers our immune system. As a result your skin becomes very sensitive in the sun. Additionally, calcium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide present in depilatory creams can irritate and darken the skin – due to this your upper layer of skin may permanently be damaged.
Evellere Sugaring is organic, chemical free, vegan and most importantly sustainable. The very simple ingredient list; sugar, lemon and water, will certainly not cause any adverse effects that depilatory cream may cause

Winner: Sugaring is Safer

Which one is better for intimate areas?

Both, depilatory cream and sugaring can be used to get rid of the unwanted hairs. However, sugaring is a lot safer on the skin. The disadvantages that come with sugaring are easily eliminated by Evellere sugaring experts. They will be super fast and the pain will not spread into multiple slots but one. Therefore, you will be free in a few goes.
Winner: Sugaring

Which one costs more?

With depilatory cream you need to buy many different types, specifically for different areas of the body. Additionally, you may need to buy additional creams that go with the hair removal cream. Sugaring is super affordable as it gets popularised. We would say that they are tied on price. Maybe, the overall quality and experience makes sugaring

 more affordable.

When that’s not enough, email Evellere at and ask for your one-time try sugaring discount code. We will be more than happy to get that arranged for you. 🙂

Winner: Sugaring in Affordability

Which one has an overall more pleasing experience?

Depilatory cream is known to have a strong smell. Many users found that the smell made them feel extremely nauseous. On top of this people have to keep it for a certain time. Many have found that even if the instructions are followed they feel disappointed that it does not always work.

Sugaring is made of only 3 key ingredients; sugar, lemon and water. The sugaring paste certainly smells nice and fresh. In fact, it can smells so good you can eat it (and it is safe to eat it too 😉 ). On top of that our Evellere salon experts started practicing before sugaring became a thing. We have clear ambitions and a clear mission that is to be the leading expert in sugaring and to provide outstanding hair removal experience.

Winner: Sugaring


Due to the disadvantages that depilatory cream offer, we have a clear winner here. In the long run sugaring is a clear winner.

Sugaring is the future and the future is now.

– The End of Article –

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