At Evellere our mission is to make all women feel empowered, confident and beautiful in always changing beauty standards. Our number one priority is to give you the feel you dream of. Sometimes that means getting rid of the unwanted hairs. 


The idea of beauty is always changing. At Evellere we believe that beauty standards are set by you – our visitors. We want to make you feel beautiful and that beauty to fuel your confidence. This armour will help you thrive and reach your best. We found sugaring to be the middle-man of hair removal. Shaving is too little and permanent laser treatments are too much. Sugaring will give you exactly what you are looking for.


Sugaring may have a reputation of extreme pain because it is closely associated with waxing. However, these two are very different. Sugaring removes the hair in the natural direction whereas waxing in the opposite of natural direction. Additionally, Evellere’s sugaring hair removal treatments can be done with numbing cream, simply ask before the appointment. Our sugaring experts are trained and certified. They will make your sugaring visit the most humanly possible pleasing.



Feeling beautiful can now cost a lot more than it was a century ago. Unlimited products, unlimited ads – it is never ending. At Evellere we believe that feeling beautiful and confident should be affordable. Our sugaring services are the most affordable in London. We put a lot of efforts into reducing your costs yet delivering an outstanding sugaring service.

Reducing costs will never affect our sugaring services. You will always receive a plant based and free of chemicals sugaring wax. Our sugaring is  rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities.

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