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What is a Brazilian Wax?

With a Brazilian wax all pubic hair is removed from the front to the back. It includes around genitalia, buttocks and upper thighs. You may choose to have a strip of hair in the front.

Generally, the hair is removed using traditional hot waxing. Now, Sugaring has changed the Brazilian Wax game. Sugaring provides a gentler, calmer and safer experience.

What is a Sugaring Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian Sugaring covers the same area as Brazilian Wax (all pubic hair from front and back) but it is done using a sugaring paste. Hair is pulled in the natural direction of hair growth. This makes makes sugaring less painful, safer as the risk of ingrown hairs is at minimum, less irritable and generally a better experience. Read the full comparison on sugaring vs waxing.

sugaring v waxing

Sugaring Brazilian Wax is Gentler (and Safer) than Traditional Waxing

Many of our customers say that their experience with sugaring is a lot better and peaceful than with waxing. And they are quite right. Hot wax attaches to both the hair and the skin, the pull can damage the skin and cause redness, swelling, inflammation or even bruising as the dermatologist H. Sobel describes it.

Additionally, if the wax is too hot, it can burn the upper layer of the skin, especially in the areas with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin are the most vulnerable to hot wax, they are the ones that go through more irritation as a result of the wax. If the skin is burned your whole body goes through the inflammatory response. The epidermis (the upper layer) if damaged may never completely recover from its natural appearance.

Sugaring on the other hand is not hot, it will never burn your skin. It is applied at room temperature. It is fully soluble and will never stick to your skin. The chances of the epidermis to be damages is close to none.

Sugaring Irritates Less

Emily Rekstis from SELF has reported her first-hand experience. She found out that Brazilian sugaring wax is far less irritable. After her sugaring the skin did not break into red patches. Getting red patches completely ruins the whole experience and the purpose of getting waxed – hence why they say once you try sugaring you will never go back.

Sugaring is Less Painful

Many others including our star Emily found that it is far less painful than traditional waxing. It is definitely not pain-free but not please-get-me-out-of-here pain. With Sugaring your hairs are not pulled in the opposite direction but in the natural direction. Your hairs do not go out of their natural travel.

Lastly, the best benefit with sugaring is that it doesn’t break hairs but actually sticks to the root (because of the direction of sugar paste application) it removes the roots and the follicles which in return will have less supply of nutrients, therefore overtime it will be even more gentle.


Traditional Brazilian Wax is dead. Brazilian Sugaring Wax or simply Sugaring is the future and the future is now.

There are simply more benefits that sugaring brings, it is not painful, it causes far less irritation (close to none), it doesn’t burn, it doesn’t use any chemicals. Read the traditional waxing versus sugaring to find out how safe sugaring is.

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