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Sugaring Salon
in Bromley, London

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Our Salon Sugaring.


Traditional waxing pulls the hairs in the opposite direction of growth. This breaks the hairs causing ingrown hairs and giving a painful hair removal experience. Sugaring is literally the complete opposite. Sugar wax is applied at the roots of the hairs and hair is removed in the natural direction. The better grip removes the roots and doesn’t break the hairs.

In addition, it exfoliates the skin which helps renew the appearance of the skin.

¹in comparison to traditional waxing methods. Sugaring is considered less painful than waxing because the sugar paste doesn’t adhere to the skin and hair is removed in natural direction.

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Located on High Street.

Located on High Street.

2-min walk from the Shopping Centre We are located north of Bromley Shopping Centre inside ‘Extension Angels’ shop. Please book an appointment prior seeing our sugaring specialists. If you have any questions in regards to sugaring or appointments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

New to Sugaring?

Sugaring is a hair removal method similar to waxing but sugaring removes body hair using sugar paste (also called sugar wax).

The name comes from the paste itself because it’s made of natural sugar, water and lemon. It is a more natural and environmentally-friendly hair removal method than waxing.

The difference lays in direction of hair removal and paste used. 

  1. Waxing direction – hair removed opposite direction of natural growth. 
  2. Sugaring direction – hair removed in direction of hair growth.
  3. Waxing paste – generally made of rosin which a known allergen to some people with chemical additives.
  4. Sugaring paste – made naturally from sugar, water and lemon.

Sugaring is a preferred method for all parts of the body because sugar paste doesn’t adhere to the skin’s surface. Some people find that there’s also less irritation with sugaring, so those who get red from waxing generally prefer sugaring.

If it’s your first time doing hair removal, you may experience temporary redness and or irritation. These side effects are very common and they go away very quickly usually within 1 day. 

Remember to avoid irritants and resist itching for a smooth skin.

Sugaring is absolutely safe for all hair and skin types.

However, it may not be recommended to people that take medication such as Accutane or people that have a sunburn or recent tattoos.

Sugaring is less painful than waxing because the mixture doesn’t adhere to the skin and most importantly hair is removed in the natural direction of hair growth.

Also, with regular appointments, you will find that the process becomes less painful as the roots get more fragile and that your hair grows back slower over time. With time, you will feel little to no pain.

It really depends on how fast your hair grows back but sugaring generally lasts from 4-6 weeks.

Sugar Wax.


We use our own proprietary sugar wax which is 100% organic and contains only sugars found in natural plants such as fruits. It is free of any harmful chemicals and packed with benefits like antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and antiseptics. Its cleansing properties will leave your skin radiating.